Dear Jets Fan,
Welcome to the 2015 New York Jets season!
Jets Rewards will give you access to MetLife Stadium on gameday and allow you to earn rewards points that you can redeem for unique experiences and memorabilia.
YOU KNOW WHAT IT MEANS TO BE GREEN and we thank you for proudly supporting your team.
The New York Jets
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Jets Rewards

Stadium Access

The Jets Rewards Card is your game ticket - just "tap and go" at the readers at every Stadium and Club entrance. When you see the green light on the reader, you are free to enter. Each seat is issued a Card for use for the entire season, and each Card has a specific seat location (Section, Row, Seat, and if appropriate, Club) printed on the front. You can continue to forward and sell your tickets via Ticketmaster AccountManager, just as you have always done, and any forwarded or sold tickets can be printed out or shown on a mobile device. Parking is not currently included in Jets Rewards and is unchanged for 2015.


You can earn rewards points for activities you already do, like attending games and offseason events. Redeem these points for exclusive VIP experiences, memorabilia, and more!
Jets Rewards is integrated into Ticketmaster AccountManager and your existing login information will give you access to the Jets Rewards Portal, where you can manage everything related to tickets and rewards.


Each Jets Rewards Card is fully activated for access to MetLife Stadium and is pre-loaded with all ten home games in the 2015 Jets season.* You and the people with whom you attend Jets games can use the Cards immediately to enter MetLife Stadium with no further action required.
If you want to...
  • Forward tickets to yourself or to others
  • Allow people with whom you share season tickets to independently manage tickets and redeem Jets Rewards points
  • Sell your tickets
...then some additional steps are required.

Forward Tickets

The Primary Account Holder can continue to forward tickets to him/herself and/or to others, just as in the past, through Ticketmaster AccountManager. There are now three critical details to note:
As soon as a ticket is forwarded, it is immediately deactivated from the associated Jets Rewards Card. Therefore, if you forward a ticket to yourself just to have a backup copy, you disable the Card for that game and MUST use the forwarded ticket (either by printing it at home or by displaying it on a mobile device) for access to that game. We recommend that you only forward tickets to other people and not to yourself.
If you forward a ticket to yourself, you will earn fewer Jets Rewards points for attendance at that game, since print-at-home and mobile tickets are not eligible for a Card Scan Bonus.
If you forward a ticket to another person, he/she cannot earn Jets Rewards points unless he/she is designated as a Share Partner. In other words, if you forward a ticket through Ticketmaster AccountManager, but do not designate the recipient as a Share Partner via the Jets Rewards Portal, then no Jets Rewards points will be earned for that seat at that game.

Allow Share Partners to Independently Manage Tickets and Redeem Points

Many Season Ticket Holders share their tickets and may want to allow the people with whom they share to independently manage tickets and/or redeem Jets Rewards points. To do this, the Primary Account Holder must designate a Share Partner on the account via the Jets Rewards Portal. This allows each partner to set up his/her own Jets Rewards account.
The Primary Account Holder must also forward all of the games that are being shared to the Share Partner.**
If tickets are always shared among the same people, it may be most convenient to immediately designate the Share Partners and complete the ticket forwarding upon receipt of the Jets Rewards Cards.

Sell Tickets

You can continue to sell tickets once Ticket Exchange is operational for the upcoming season.
* Unless one or more games have already been forwarded or resold.
** Tickets must be forwarded each season.


Enrollment and Activation

As a Season Ticket Holder, PSL Holder, or Club Seat Holder, you are automatically pre-enrolled in Jets Rewards. To earn and redeem points, simply activate your enrollment via the Jets Rewards Portal.

Earning Points

Earning Jets Rewards points is simple - just do the things you already do as a Season Ticket Holder. The main way to earn points is by attending Jets home games; the more games you attend each season, the more points you get. Just like an airline program, points are earned per seat, not per account, and points are non-transferrable. The Primary Account Holder, however, can view and manage all points associated with the seats.


Getting Rewards

Redeeming points for great rewards is just like online shopping. Using the Jets Rewards Portal, you can redeem your points for rewards in two ways:
  • Redeem them for fixed-point price items and experiences like autographed photos or opportunities to go on the MetLife Stadium field
  • Bid on unique, exclusive experiences like watching a game from the Owner’s Suite or traveling with the team to an away game
Rewards (and related terms and conditions) will be described in detail in the Jets Rewards Portal.

You must activate your account via the Jets Rewards Portal before you can redeem points for rewards.


What is Jets Rewards? +

Jets Rewards is a new ticket card and fan rewards program exclusively for Jets Season Ticket Holders and the people to whom they forward tickets.

How does the program work? +

Traditional paper tickets have been replaced with a wallet-sized card that contains all the information needed to provide access to Jets home games. The card itself also has the section, row, and seat number (and, if applicable, Club) printed on it. In addition, simply by attending games and engaging in other team-related activities, program participants can earn points which may be redeemed for rewards.

Why are the Jets launching Jets Rewards? +

We are creating Jets Rewards to provide more value to our Season Ticket Holders. We want to show our appreciation by rewarding them for things that they already do and by making their experience more convenient.

What will Jets Rewards cost me? +

Nothing. Participation in the program is a free Season Ticket Holder benefit.

Who is eligible to participate in Jets Rewards? +

All Season Ticket Holders are automatically enrolled in the program. To redeem rewards, each account holder will need to complete an initial log-in through the Jets Rewards Portal. In addition, if a Season Ticket Holder transfers a ticket to a known recipient (i.e., not an anonymous buyer on StubHub or TicketExchange), then that recipient also has the opportunity to enroll in the program. A known recipient is called a "Share Partner."

Can single-game attendees join? +

Only if they receive the ticket via direct electronic transfer from a Season Ticket Holder. Individual game buyers and people who receive a paper ticket transfer (i.e., if the Season Ticket Holder prints the ticket and then transfers the physical paper to another person or forwards the PDF) will not be able to join the program at this time.

Can I opt-out of Jets Rewards? +

Program enrollment is automatic for all Season Ticket Holders, but if you do not want to participate in the program or redeem your points for rewards, you do not need to engage with the program. In addition, if you do not want to use your Jets Rewards cards to enter the stadium, any STH can use the current Ticketmaster Account Manager tools with which they are familiar to transfer tickets to themselves (and/or others) and use print-at-home or mobile.

Do I need a computer to participate in the program? +

A computer is not necessary for this program. A Jets Account Representative will be happy to assist any Season Ticket Holder in activating or using an account.

Do I need a smartphone to participate in the program? +

A smartphone is not necessary for this program. The Jets Rewards Card is the only necessary “technology.” However, smartphone users will be able to access enhanced functionality and conveniences.

When will the program launch? +

Jets Rewards will be fully active for the first 2014 preseason home game on August 7.

Is parking included in the program? +

Parking is not included in the program in 2014. Parking lot access for 2014 Jets home games will be unchanged from 2013.

Whom should I contact with questions, concerns, or suggestions about the program or my account? +

We appreciate all feedback and are always happy to answer questions. Please contact your Account Representative or rewards@newyorkjets.com.

Where are my tickets? +

Starting with the 2014 season, traditional paper tickets are being replaced with a wallet-sized smart card that contains all the information needed to provide access to Jets home games.

How do I activate my card? +

Each Jets Rewards Card is pre-activated for admission to 2014 Jets home games at MetLife Stadium. You can use the Card as your game ticket with no further action required. If you would like to participate in the rewards component of the Jets Rewards program, you will need to activate this function through the Jets Rewards Portal.

Will I still get paper tickets? +

As a general rule, no. All Season Ticket Holders will be converted to the new Jets Rewards Card.

Can I get a paper ticket? +

Just like today, any person can still forward a ticket to himself/herself and print-at-home or send a PDF to his/her mobile device. In addition, at each Jets home game a commemorative paper ticket will be available in the Flagship Store for a nominal charitable donation.

I share tickets. How does this affect me? +

It should make things easier. The Primary Account Holder can add Share Partners to the account, each of whom can join Jets Rewards. In addition, Season Ticket Holders can continue to use the current electronic transfer methods (print-at-home and PDF) exactly as they do now. Also, note that once a ticket is forwarded to another person, the card of the person making the transfer will be immediately invalidated for that game. For this reason, the Jets recommend that Season Ticket Holders do not forward tickets to themselves.

I sell tickets. How does this affect me? +

For electronic ticket sales transactions, nothing changes. For the sale of actual physical tickets, the seller will now need to print-at-home and transfer the paper to the buyer. Once an electronic transfer is made or a print-at-home is initiated, the card of the seller will be immediately invalidated for that game.

What if my card is lost, stolen, or damaged? +

A Jets Rewards Card can be replaced on site at Jets home games and also through the Jets ticket office. Just like a credit card or driver’s license, the Jets should be notified as soon as possible after a card is lost.

Is the card safe? +

Yes. All data on the Jets Rewards Card is encrypted and conforms with industry data security best practices. However, just like with a credit card or driver’s license, the Jets should be notified as soon as possible if a card is lost or damaged.

Can I request additional cards? +

Additional cards will be supplied to replace lost or damaged cards. Please contact your Account Representative or email rewards@newyorkjets.com for assistance.

How do I earn points? +

Points are earned through activities Season Ticket Holders already do, like attending home games, watching preseason games on TV, attending non-game events like Training Camp (starting in 2015), and other fan behaviors.

What can I do with my points? +

Points can be redeemed via the Jets Rewards Portal for two types of rewards: marketplace items, which have fixed-point prices, and auction items.

Will points carry over from season to season? +

No, point balances will be reset to zero every July 31st; however, points can be redeemed for future-season reward fulfillment.

How do I earn points for watching or listening to games or other Jets programs? +

At one or more points during each radio broadcast (on 98.7 FM ESPN Radio), preseason away game television broadcast (on WCBS – Channel 2), Postgame Live broadcast (on SNY), and Jets Talk Live web broadcast (on newyorkjets.com), a code will be featured. Log into the Jets Rewards Portal, find the box labelled Broadcast Code on the home page, and enter the code to collect your points. You must enter the code within 15 minutes of its appearance or announcement. Please remember that the codes for each broadcast will be different (so, for example, the TV and radio broadcasts for a given game will have different codes).

There is an error in my points calculation – what do I do? +

Please contact your Account Representative or rewards@newyorkjets.com and we will be happy to assist you.

Can I purchase points? +

The only way to get points is to earn them through fan activities like game and event attendance; they cannot be purchased.

Can I transfer points between seats or accounts? +

No, points cannot be transferred.

What are the rewards? +

There will be a range of rewards, including unique merchandise items like autographed photos, memorabilia, and apparel. There will also be exclusive experiences that provide behind-the-scenes access, VIP treatment, and unique benefits. A detailed catalog of rewards will be available on the Jets Rewards Portal, and will be updated continuously as new rewards are added.

How do I get the rewards? +

Rewards may be acquired through the Jets Rewards Portal. Some rewards will be offered in the Jets Rewards marketplace for a fixed number of points, while others will be auctioned and awarded to the highest point bidder. Fulfillment or delivery of the actual reward will depend on the nature of the item in question.

Can I suggest a potential reward? +

Yes. Please submit your suggestion via email to rewards@newyorkjets.com.

What are the Red Zone and End Zone tiers? +

Tiers represent your status as a Jets Rewards member and entitle you to enhanced benefits.

If I spend all of my points in a year, does this affect my tier status? +

No. When you reach a tier status, you retain that status for the following year, regardless of what you choose to do with your points.

How frequently do auctions run? +

Auctions run regularly. In general, auctions will each last for seven days, although some may be longer or shorter depending on the nature of the item. A full calendar of auctions will be posted in the Jets Rewards Portal.

If I don’t win an auction, do I lose the points I bid? +

No. Only the auction winner has his or her point balance debited at the completion of the auction.

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